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Buckingham was founded in 1976 by a group of Oxford academics who despaired of the way the other British universities were going. The other universities are all funded by the state but Buckingham University remains unique because, unlike other UK Universities, they do not receive direct subsidy from the Government and so avoid associated regulatory interference.

Key features of The University of Buckingham:

    2-year Bachelors degrees

As many weeks (about 90) of academic content as a 3-year degree in other universities, but offered through a 'fast-track' system

    One of the very best ratios of teaching staff to students in any UK university

The university offers small class sizes with the opportunity for interaction with and extensive support from the highly dedicated and motivated teaching staff

    An ideal location

Buckingham is a small, quiet and safe country town offering an ideal location to concentrate on your studies. However, they are less than one hour from London, 45 minutes from Oxford and 25 minutes from Milton Keynes so all of the big city facilities are close at hand. The international airport at Heathrow is only about one hour away by road

    Guaranteed accommodation

The university guarantees on campus, single room accommodation to all new students. All of their Halls of Residence are just a short walk from the teaching buildings

    A beautiful campus

Buckingham University has a picturesque campus, with lawns and trees and a river flowing through its grounds. They also offer an extensive range of student facilities, including a cafeteria, gym and a Student Union with a range of clubs and societies to meet all interests

    An international student community

The university has an internationally diverse student community with students from more than 80 different countries

    Quality and recognition

British Higher Education is recognised worldwide for its high quality. Buckingham is a university distinguished by its independence, but is like all others in that it has a Royal Charter that allows them to operate as a University. They also go through the rigorous assessments of the government's Quality Assurance Agency and received the highest possible review in 2003

    Dynamic tradition

Buckingham offers a quality of education, with its small class sizes and attention to the student as an individual, which is more closely associated with the positive traditions of years gone by. However, Buckingham is also a young and modern university, which is very aware of the needs of employers who are keen to employ their graduates

    Programmes at all levels

It offers a wide range of programmes at all levels from pre-degree EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Foundation and Access programmes, to Bachelors degrees, Masters degrees and MPhil/PhD research programmes

    Wide range of subject areas

The University of Buckingham offer a diverse subject range, including Law (LLB and LLM), Business (including MBA), Accounting, Marketing, Service Management, Psychology, Bioinformatics, English Language and Literature, TESOL and TEFL, International Studies, Computing, Business Information Systems, History, Politicsand many others.

For more information on any of the courses provided by The University of Buckingham, please contact us or visit www.buckingham.ac.uk

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